$2 Crafty Kit & More

Hello, hello!  We’ve got lots of new goodies in store for you this week, and nothing is over $2!  

Glitter in hair, scissors in hand, a kitchen table covered in paper, glue, fabric and paint; she may rarely cook, but she never buys, because she can always create it herself, and of course, she always makes it better! She is a Crafty Lady, and so are you, so when you make pages of your memories snipping and sewing, you will need her kit to tell your own stories!

Crafty Lady Elements

Crafty Papers

We’re also happy to be guests at After Five Designs this month, where you can get these:

Fly Away Minis

Fly Away Template

And we also made a contribution to the monthly collab here:

Collab Kit

We can’t wait to see what you create!


Christine & Aja